Monday, July 28, 2008

The ebaY Wall On Facebook

Facebook makes it very easy for you to keep in contact with your friends and one of the ways it does this is by using The Wall. The Wall lets you post news, gossip, videos, photos and links to your friends' profiles which they and others can then see:

The Wall in Facebook

There are also other Walls provided by third party developers, such as the Bathroom Wall which lets you post secrets, confessions and messages, the Political Wall which lets you post political views on candidates' websites, and the Flirt Wall which lets you flirt with your friends without revealing who you are.

NOW, there is ebaY Wall which lets you show your friends the things you find on Ebay:

The ebaY Wall in Facebook

For example, say you find tickets for a concert that was "sold out" and want to know if your friends are interested:

Madonna tickets found using the ebaY Wall in Facebook
Madonna tickets

Or, you want to show your friends a really trendy jacket you've found:

Trendy jacket found using the ebaY Wall in Facebook
Trendy jacket

It's simple, you just use ebaY Wall to send the details to your friends and get their feedback before you buy. And, if you sell on Ebay, you can use it to give your friends a preview of what you are selling.

When using ebaY Wall, you can search Ebay without having to leave Facebook, and when you find items you want, you just post them. It's really easy.

To use ebaY Wall, you need yourself and your friends to install a copy either on their profile or on one of their Facebook pages.

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