Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monitor Ebay For New Items

Using the RSS feed on the Look What I Have Found website, you can be updated with details about items you are interested in as soon as they are posted on Ebay.

A great way for getting in there first.

All you need to do is make a search and if you can't find what you want, click on the RSS icon to monitor Ebay for new items:

You may be asked to select the RSS reader that you want to use (subscribe to), and to enter a name to identify the search. Do this, and click OK:

On my system, I subscribe to the RSS feed using Live Bookmarks and save my links in a folder called Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, listed under the Bookmarks menu.

The search results are saved and, from then on, they are updated with any matching items as soon as they are posted on Ebay.

You can view the updated search list at any time and see what is new. The viewing format will be governed by your browser and by the reader system that you use.

If an item comes in that you want, you can Quick Link to Ebay to view, bid or buy.

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Blake Cash said...

If RSS feeds are a little confusing for you we just launched GoodScout, a realtime monitoring system for products on eBay.

Basically we watch eBay so you don't have to, sending alerts within seconds of items being listed for the product and price you choose.

Check it out. It's free and we are looking for beta users.