Sunday, April 27, 2008

About This Blog

This blog exists to provide articles and helpful hints for users of the Look What I Have Found website; a website that gives you a quick and easy way to search Ebay:

To use Look (the short name for Look What I Have Found), you call up the website, type in your keywords and click the Search Ebay button.

Or, you click on Quick Search to select from standard Ebay categories or to find items related by a common theme such as a wedding.

Currently, there are two versions:

As a partner of Ebay, Look makes exactly the same search of Ebay auctions and Ebay shops as if you entered through the standard Ebay interface.

So, what makes Look different?

Well, Look lets you get on with what you know best - searching for those bargains and rare items you can't find anywhere else. You just enter the site and search. There's no login or account to worry about and you can't get lost as everything is on a single page.

With Look, you can especially:
  • Search Ebay.
  • Track items you want to bid on.
  • Monitor Ebay for new items.
  • View Hot Items other users are bidding on.
And, in addition:
Get the results you want by using Look now! Good Searching.

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