Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quick Link To Ebay

As a partner of Ebay, the Look What I Have Found website supports all bidding and payments through the Ebay site.

So, when you have made your search and found an item you want, you can go directly to Ebay without needing to exit from Look; you just click on the item or on the Go to Ebay Now button.

The item is then displayed in an Ebay window for you to view, bid or buy. Whilst in this window, you can use the Back to homepage arrow to display other Ebay pages.

When you have finished in Ebay, you can return to the Look site by closing the window using the cross in the right hand corner:

If you do not have an existing account with Ebay, you can set one up easily using the Join Ebay link on the logo at the top of the page or by scrolling down to an option in the left hand panel.

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