Sunday, April 27, 2008

Track Items You Want To Bid On

Using the Look What I Have Found website, you can easily track items you are watching or bidding on by putting copies of the details in the Watch List!

Using the List means that you do not have to keep repeating your search or move to other pages to find out what is happening.

To put items in the list, make a search, scroll through the results, and when you find an item you want to watch or bid on, click on the Watch It! button listed alongside:

You can review all the items in the List at any time by clicking on the Watch List icon:

Whilst the Watch List is displayed, you can click on the:

  • Refresh List button to update date, time and bidding details.
  • Delete button to remove an item from the Watch List.
  • Close List button to close the Watch List.
  • Go to Ebay Now! button to Quick Link to Ebay to bid on or buy an item.
Note that the details in the Watch List are NOT automatically updated - every time you re-display the list, you MUST click on the Refresh List button to ensure the details are up-to-date.

If you are not watching any items, the Watch List icon is not displayed.

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